Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Judge suggests there may be a link between Caddington Parish Cllr Patrick Smith & developers called Boyle

At para 130 in Mr Justice Warby's Judgement of 2nd Nov 2018 in the case of Doyle v Smith is an interesting comment that suggests there could be an undeclared link between Patrick Smith and John & Steven Boyle who were the principles behind the Bushwood scheme (see blog ad infinitum)

If there is a connection then we should know about it.

There is also the significant question of who is funding Mr Smith's legal costs. It is of course entirely possible that Mr Smith has £1/2 million tucked away, but it is equally possible that a retired chap living in a council house may have received significant financial support from a 1/3rd party.

I have no knowledge either way, but it is a fair question to ask - how is Mr Smith funding his defence in an expensive libel case & having lost faces paying £37,000.00 + the plaintiff's costs by a week Friday. A conservative estimate puts the total bill at around £1/2 million.

I have no idea how those costs have been paid or are going to be paid in the future, but I think the source of those funds should be made public.

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