Monday, 27 November 2017

Luton & Central Beds Economic & Development Partnership Ltd

As previously forecast, the above company (Bushwood) has now been dissolved.

It is no more, deceased.

Given that this is the entity, whose sole director is Steven John Boyle (son of John Edward Boyle), owns the option of land North West of Caddington (Inions Farm) - known as Option 5 in the Central Bedfordshire Draft Local Plan - there maybe a problem with a/ credibility & b/ deliverability

See plan below for land in question.

My point to the planning team at Central Beds has been very simple - how can you take a proposal seriously when the Directors behind the scheme do not behave in a way in which you would reasonably expect them to. We have had years of disgraceful behaviour going right back to the days of Bushwood when the chaps behind the scheme almost uniquely managed to irritate every resident of Caddington & Slip End, but they are still about.

However we will not open the champagne just yet - there remains on the scene another opportunistic developer (Abbey Land Developments - whose sole Director is John Edward Boyle, the father of Steven John Boyle) Very much a family affair.

Abbey Land put in a development proposal to Central Beds for an urban extension to Luton in Caddington (Bushwood Mark ll) - the land in question was optioned to Luton & Central Beds Economic & Development Partnership. Now that the later has been dissolved will we see assets being seized by the Crown or will we see Abbey Land acquire the Option?

If Abbey Land acquires the Option & I was a creditor to the recently dissolved entity I might be just a little upset. The land is actually registered to an off-shore company D'Arblay Investments, who I assume still want to develop on our Green Belt / AONB.

It would also appear that the land immediately south of Luton Rd Caddington, opposite Inions Farm, is under a 21 year option agreement with Patrick J Boyle Investments signed in 2005. The Directors include aforementioned S Boyle & J Boyle.

There are also significant elements within Luton Borough Council who are determined to see Luton cross the M1 - I sincerely hope that Central Bedfordshire  does not support that aspiration in anyway through its own Local Plan.

The murky world of land ownerships, options & development aspiration in the Luton area  & specifically in Green Belt land in our area makes me very concerned.

Watch this space.

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