Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Abbey Land Developments - stretching the bounds of credibility?

The company that has made a submission to Central Bedfordshire to develop around 300 acres of Green Belt East of Caddington has submitted its (micro) accounts.

I am reasonably familiar with planning process & I would expect any organisation that aspires to be taken seriously when it proposes development that would cost £100's of Million might be more than a Micro Company, but you make your own mind up.

But interestingly 'news websites' apparently concerned with reporting news & issues of interest to Caddington are more interested in personal vendetta's than reporting actual news, in this instance I am left puzzled as to the reason why.

There has been a mysterious silence on the issue of Bushwood & Bushwood Mark ll at the 'gobby' end of Caddington social media market. The reasons for which I am sure will emerge in due course.

But in the meantime these are the Micro Accounts for that internationally renowned developer Abbey Land Developments  Ltd that aspire to make Caddington a suburb of Luton.

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