Monday, 23 October 2017

Bushwood Mark II

The strange saga of Luton & Central Beds Economic & Development Co Ltd continues. Those with long memories will recall that this is the mob who purport to have options on land East of Caddington for development purposes.

It is only a personal view, but I would not want the chaps running this wonderfully named development company running a Whelk stall, let alone a major development bid.

The land where options may exist is that surrounding the Inions Farm area, where Bushwood Mark II is proposed by another company called Abbey Land Developments Ltd. Father & son are respectively sole Directors of each company & quaintly live next door to each other in North Luton

L&CBED are proposed for strike off by Companies House on 5th Nov 2017 - assuming that this outfit retain some options on part of the Bushwood site it is fair to assume that (or any other) asset will revert to crown if the company is struck off?

A fair question to the Cenral Bedfordshire Local Plan Team is how do Abbey Land propose to deliver their little satellite scheme if they have no options open to them?

But I will give these chaps some credit, they have been banging on the Bushwood door since they first came to our attention in 2006 - they clearly do not understand the word no!

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  1. Please fight our corner Richard stay.


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